Wattson Easifit



The Y-cable, or "Easifit" as it is now known, is an extra sensor clip and a Y-shaped cable which is required in some installations of the Wattson Solar and Wattson Solar Plus energy monitors. The main purpose of the Easifit is to allow the Wattson Solar to determine which way the current is flowing at any given time, in order that it can display the correct figures for energy consumption and energy production.

Used in conjunction with an extra sensor clip (three sensor clips are required in total), the Easifit kit can also be used to convert the Wattson Classic to be able to monitor energy production and consumption.

Please take a look at the diagram to see how it is used and the Easifit installation guide pdf for more detail on how it should be installed.


Easifit-install-guide1.0_12-11.pdf208.83 KB