Wattson Holmes software

Wattson Holmes software

The Wattson Holmes software enables user of the Wattson Energy monitors and Wattson Solar Plus to download data to a PC or Mac and analyse energy usage and production over time.

Are you lookiong for software for a Wattson energy monitor? Here we list all the software we have, for both mac and PC.

Ever Since Energeno and DIY Koyoto went bust and took down their websites our customers have been asking where they can find the Wattson Holmes Software. So we host all the versions of the software we have, which you can download for free below.

If you have any more information, or links to newer versions to the Wattson Holmes Software or drivers please let us know and we will share it with everyone.

Please don’t call asking for advice about Wattsons or Holmes, because we don’t know any more than we have written here and we are not able to offer technical support.

Wattson Holmes software:

Wattson – Holmes Software for PC.
(Right click on the link and “Save as…” then “unzip” the Wattson.rar file with Stuffit Expander or The Unarchiver, or similar free software)

Wattsons – Holmes software for mac .dmg version (as it was in march 2015)

Wattsons – Holmes software for mac .zip version

Wattson Holmes software drivers:

Wattson – Holmes USB Serial Driver v2_2_18a

Wattson – Holmes USB Serial Driver v2_2_14_0

Wattson – Holmes USB Serial Driver 10_4_10_5_10_6_10_7

The following information was published on the Energeno site and refers to the software drivers:
(Please do not contact us about Wattson software – we do not manufacture Wattson, or the software, and do not provide Wattson support. We are simply proving this software to help previous customers of Energeno.)

FTDI Driver for Mac OS X

This is the driver for installation for the Holmes 2.0 Beta software
Usage with OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
This package can also be installed under OS X Mountain Lion and works as intended.

If you see a warning during installation that the package has not been purchased from the Appstore and that the developer cannot be verified, the reason is that the package has not yet been signed by the manufacturer. You may install the package nonetheless by clicking once on the package while pressing the control key (ctrl). Then select “Open” from the context menu.

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