Goodbye Energeno + DIY Kyoto + Wattson

Goodbye Energeno + DIY Kyoto + Wattson

Goodbye Wattson! A lot of our web visitors have been calling up and asking why they are not getting replies from anyone via the old DIY Kyoto / Energeno website, so we thought we should publish this blog post to explain:

Goodbye Wattson – Energeno have ceased trading

You may be a bit surprised by this, we certainly were. Having traded with them for over 4 years we would have expected someone to let us know this change was imminent, but no.

Suffice to say, there will be no more Energeno, DIY Kyoto or Wattson products being made and the only ones on sale now are the last of the stock or are second hand.

We don’t know where else you will find a Wattson Solar, or any of the other Wattson products.

We have also had many inquiries about where to find and download the Holmes Software, which works with the Wattson and allows you to analyse the data it collects on your mac or PC. Despite looking through previous versions of the Energeno site we have not been able to find the actual software, just the following drivers, which we have posted on the Wattson Holmes software page for you to download.

Update: 21.12.15:
Gordon Arthur emailed:
“Many thanks about the warnings re HOLMES software, particularly for the MAC. However since you posted this information I have acquired a new macbook pro, running the El Capitan operating system, (10.11.2). I was resigned to HOLMES not working – however a clean install of the HOLMES2 software, followed by an import of all the data (3 years of it) held on HOLMES on my Mavericks Mac system (which took about half a day to write as a CSV file, then read!) and I find that HOLMES2 is working OK under El Capitan, importing the latest data from WATTSON whenever plugged in. So whilst not future proofed, the system continues to work OK after all. The key is probably ensuring you have the HOLMES2 software for Mac (version 2.0.1981)” – Thanks Gordon

If you have any more information about the above please let us know and we will share it with everyone. Please don’t call asking for advice about Wattsons or Holmes, because we don’t know any more than we have written here and we are not able to offer technical support.

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