Smart meter in home display replacement

Smart meter in home display replacement

There are several reasons why you might need a smart meter in home display replacement.

The smart meter rollout began in 2011, so the first generation of smart meters were installed a long time ago and many in home displays have now been lost or broken and are out of warranty.

If you want to understand more about the details of smart meters and the UK rollout, see our blog on smart meters explained. Recently we have hears from several readers asking:

Can I get a replacement smart meter display?

The good news is: Yes, it is easy to get a replacement in home display for your smart meter. You will need to know what type of smart meter you have to ensure the replacement in home display you buy is compatible, if you’re unsure see our blog on smart meters explained.

How do I get a replacement smart meter display?

The simplest way to replace your smart meter display is to buy an ivie Bud.

Whether you have a broken or missing in home display, or simply want to upgrade your old one, ivie Bud makes it easy to track, compare and adjust how you use energy, so you can cut your energy costs. 

The ivie Bud works with any energy supplier but not all smart meters so, use the handy compatibility checking tool before you order, it only takes a moment. 

Buy now for £49.99 + delivery

Smart meter in home display replacement ivie bud

Free energy saving app with replacement smart meter display

The best bit about buying an ivie Bud as a smart meter in home display replacement is that it comes with a free energy saving app. The ivie app uses your smart meter energy data to give you personalised energy savings tips, reports and challenges – and you can even earn rewards.

The ivie app breaks down your energy usage by activity and works out easy ways where you can cut down and save. On average, ivie app users reduce their monthly electricity use by 18% and their gas use by 24%. Plus, when you have less energy than expected on a given day or complete challenges, you’ll earn ivie points which you can use to enter weekly competitions to win things like a £25 Amazon voucher!

Find out more about the ivie app (available via the App Store and Google Play)

ivie bud app - save energy and get rewarded

Earn £200 for sharing your feedback!

As part of their Energy Sure project ivie are looking for households interested in trialing the next generation of energy tariffs. If you have a heat pump, an EV charger, or both, you could enjoy significant savings compared to the energy price cap and receive up to £200 in cash incentives for giving them your feedback.

By participating in the Energy Sure project you will get exclusive access to the latest features in the smart ivie app and the ability to manage your whole home energy in one simple app.

  • Get personalised energy saving insights
  • See and control your energy usage in real time
  • Manage your home EV charging
  • Make the most of your heat pump
  • See and control your solar and storage system

Check out the Energy Sure project.