Wattson Solar Plus

Wattson Solar Plus

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The Wattson Solar Plus is the new version of the Watton Solar.

The key improvements of the Wattson Solar plus over the original Solar monitor are:

  • Five year warranty (12 month for standard Watton Solar)
  • Near Meter-level Accuracy (with optional TXact transmitter)
  • Ability to work with two transmitters where Generation & Usage meters are not co-located
  • No longer any need for a Junction Box or Henley Block to be fitted to ensure Net usage figure is correct thanks to optional Easifit accessory
  • Improved firmware giving users more comprehensive information in real-time Inc Total Energy Generated, Money Earned & Carbon Saved

Wattson makes it simple for everyone to understand and control their electricity usage, helping to reduce bills and environmental impact. Wattson shows power in big, bright, easy to read numbers in Watts or Cost per year.

Glowing from the back is Wattson’s unique Intelligent Colour System, making your electricity usage understandable by everyone including kids, even at a glance. Wattson owners report average savings of 19.5% off electricity bills – £286 per year on average (from a study of 500 owners).

Wattson works with Holmes on Mac & PC to help you understand your electricity usage in detail. Wattson saves your data for 28 days, Holmes then saves it forever on your computer.

Wattson Solar Plus:
• tracks and displays both energy produced and energy used in your home.
• glows yellow when you generate more electricity than you use.
• works with all Solar, Wind and Water generation systems and all brands of inverters.
• is simple to install and easy to use.

How it works
The Wattson Solar Plus measures the amount of electricity being used and generated in your home or office at any given time. It shows these values on an easy-to-read display in both numbers and colours.

The Wattson Solar Plus uses sensors that simply clip around the outside of electricity cables to measure power data. The data is then sent wirelessly from the Transmitter to the Display. It works with 230V single phase electricity supplies and uses flexible tariff structures to suit most pricing plans.

The Wattson Solar Plus also works with Holmes, a simple piece of software for MAC or PC which helps you track your energy use and generation graphically. You can also enter your electricity prices. From Holmes your data can be exported to a CSV file, allowing you to analyse it any way you choose.

If you have an old electricity meter, which spins backwards when you are generating more energy that you are using please read this important information about installing the Wattson Solar.

We also sell extra Wattson Sensor Clips if you need them.

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