Wattson Solar Plus

Wattson Solar Plus

The Wattson Solar Plus is a solar energy and consumption monitor.

Wattson Solar Plus allows you to see how much power you are generating, and how much you are using, on the same portable display. The display shows electricity being generated and used in your home in real time, in cost, watts or kg carbon.

Choose your preferred display from a selection of pre-set modes, in numbers and/or colours, for better visibility of your daily electrical activity.

The Solar Plus alerts you when you are generating more power than you are using by immediately glowing green. Being aware of excess generation allows you to maximise the returns on your PV system by understanding when to use your free electricity and how much is available.

The monitor uses sensors that simply clip around the outside of electricity cables to get its power data. The data is then sent wirelessly from the transmitter to the display. The display’s internal memory can hold up to 28 days of data which can be extracted to a computer using the Holmes software.

This allows users to track their energy use and generation graphically. They can view data, analyse activity over long periods of time, as well as export their data to a spreadsheet.

N.B Energeno Ltd, who manufactured the Wattson products are no longer trading. Holmes software can still be downloaded, however there is no longer any technical support for Holmes Software or the Wattson Solar Plus.

Wattson Solar Plus features:

  • Measures and displays both electricity generation and usage
  • Display changes colour to show if the home is exporting or consuming electricity
  • Green glow shows when i electricity is being exported
  • Easifit Y cable and sensor included
  • Suitable for 99% of (single phase) solar installations
  • Works with solar, wind generation

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