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Best Smart Home Devices of 2017
Thu 25 May 2017
Best Smart home products 2017
Wattson Holmes software

Are you lookiong for software for a Wattson energy monitor? Here we list all the software we have, for...

Thu 25 May 2017
Wattson Holmes Software image
Top five ways to control your smart home

If you’re reading this then there’s a fair chance you have invested in, or are thinking about investing in...

Wed 24 May 2017
harmony elite
Smarter Homes for 2017
Thu 13 Apr 2017

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Radiator Squirrel
USB Batteries

Introducing the revolutionary new rechargeable battery - the USBCELL.

This NiMH AA cell can be used...

Home Energy Monitors

Home energy monitors make it simple for everyone to...