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Smarter Homes for 2017

January brings the world’s most innovative brands and businesses to the bright lights of Las Vegas. CES...

Thu 13 Apr 2017
Smart building technology Thu 18 Aug 2016
Smart energy systems: Nest vs Hive vs Evohome vs Heat Genius vs OWL vs Tado vs Salus iT500 vs Cosy vs Climote

It’s about time that we took control of our heating bills because heating accounts for 60 per cent of...

Mon 25 Jan 2016
Smart meters and energy monitors explained

What is the difference between a Smart Meter and an Energy Monitor?

We have found that lots of...

Mon 25 Jan 2016
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Top selling products

Wattson solar plus with easifit


The Wattson Solar Plus is the new version of the Watton Solar.

wattson solar plus easifit
Wattson Optiplug


Optiplug is an intelligent socket which switches on your appliances when your...

Wattson Optiplug
Kelly Kettle

A highly efficient piece of camping equipment which is suitable for Trekkers, Hikers, Kayakers,...

USB Batteries

Introducing the revolutionary new rechargeable battery - the USBCELL.

This NiMH AA cell can be used...