Passiv smart controls improve heat pump performance by up to 25%, finds assessment

Passiv smart controls improve heat pump performance by up to 25%, finds assessment

Energy Saving Trust verified that Passiv smart controls increase average space heating by 0.65 in hybrid heat pumps and 0.54 for standalone heat pumps.

An independent assessment by the Energy Saving Trust has found that Passiv UK’s smart heat pump controls increase the space heating Coefficient of Performance (CoP) by 25% for hybrid heat pumps and 17% for standalone heat pumps.

A hybrid heat pump typically refers to a system which uses a heat pump alongside a fossil-fuelled heat source – such as a gas boiler. A standalone heat pump will be the sole heat source in a household.

Using the results of a field trial which took place between October and December 2021, Energy Saving Trust also verified that Passiv’s smart controls also increased the utilisation rate of hybrid heat pumps from an average of 47% to 82%.

Passiv smart controls

Passiv controls optimise the flow temperature of a heat pump using machine-learning algorithms to construct a model of how a home loses heat; it uses this model alongside local weather forecasts to meet the heating requirements of a home using the lowest possible flow temperature.

The controls can also offer consumers flexibility in their energy usage by optimising the heat pump according to tariffs and on-site renewable generation.

“With the Government targeting 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028 and the recent sharp rise in energy prices, it’s more important than ever that heat pumps are installed with controls that optimise them,” said Ian Rose, sales and strategy directory at Passiv.

“We’re pleased that Energy Saving Trust has verified the efficiency improvement delivered by Passiv controls and the unique value we can bring to heat pump owners. A ‘smart thermostat’ isn’t all that smart where heat pumps are concerned. Our controls have been designed specifically for heat pumps to deliver better comfort, simpler control and reduced energy bills.”

At the beginning of this year Passiv UK received £510,000 from the UK Government’s Interoperable Demand-Side Response Programme, for its joint project with Samsung Electronics UK to design and develop a technology solution that can provide demand side response services via Samsung Heat Pumps.

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