Utrack opens Demand Flexibility Service to All

Utrack opens Demand Flexibility Service to All

Households with a smart meter will be able to access the National Grid’s money-back scheme through the Utrack mobile app, regardless of their supplier.

The Demand Flexibility Service is most commonly accessed via your energy supplier but apps like Uswitch’s Utrack and Loop’s Turn Down and Save mean that any household with a smart meter can join up and potentially earn money.

The National Grid ESO scheme rewards users for changing their habits and reducing their electricity usage during certain peak hours.

The scheme has been described as a “great success” in a recent blog post by the power supply firm. It was first run live on 23 January 2023, when people were asked to reduce consumption between 5pm and 6pm.

The Utrack Money Back scheme allows anyone who isn’t already signed on to the scheme with a smart meter to take part, no matter who your electricity provider is.

Participants could also earn more, according to the utility switching firm, as it will pass on the full payment awarded by the National Grid, to ensure users see the full benefit.

Linking the app to a smart meter and signing up for the Utrack Money Back scheme, will see users paid around £3 for every kWh saved – the full payment incentive offered by the National Grid.

The Demand Flexibility Service was first launched in November of 2022, and will end on March 31, 2023. Uswitch expects there to be at least two more sessions before the scheme ends.

You will not be asked to sit in the dark to reduce energy consumption. Those taking part will be asked to reduce their electricity usage in a safe and manageable way, such as by switching off appliances not in use or delaying cooking a meal.

Natalie Mathie, energy expert at Uswitch.com, comments:

“We launched Utrack to help households understand their energy usage and make the right choices for their home, as well as to cut back on energy consumption in a safe and manageable way.

“Homes are already changing their energy habits, and the National Grid scheme is offering tangible rewards for their efforts.

“We’ve already seen the energy-saving schemes used to manage public demand for the first time in recent weeks, so it’s important to sign up with Utrack ahead of the next session to receive the maximum savings potential.

“Anyone with a smart meter display unit can take part thanks to Utrack, no matter who their energy provider is. We’re also passing on the full savings for those who qualify.”

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