Bye Bye Standby

Bye Bye Standby

Bye Bye Standby is no longer available – see our full guide to the best smart plugs available or try these alternatives:

Bye Bye Standby® home products are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and allow you to remotely cut power to electrical devices that are in standby mode. Research from Oxford University shows that Bye Bye Standby would save the average UK household £38 a year, others claim the savings could be as high as £83/year.

The Bye Bye Standby Starter Kit includes a smart socket, which can control up to four electrical devices, and a remote control. It can easily be extended by adding further smart sockets. Simply plug Bye Bye Standby into a wall socket and then plug your appliance or extension lead into that. Each of your devices can be switched off separately or as a group when you leave the room – pressing the remote button again instantly switches them back on.

Research proves that people are not switching their appliances off at the mains. This may be because they forget or cannot be bothered to go round and switch everything off late at night or before they leave the house. Bye Bye Standby offers a convenient solution to switch off all your devices at the touch of a button. It is also be helpful to older people or those with disabilities, who cannot bend down to reach sockets.

Key features of Bye Bye Standby:

  • Simple plug-and-play installation – does not require additional wiring
  • Smart Sockets can control up to four devices each
  • Group on/off function
  • Up to 30 metres remote control
  • Compatible with any appliance up to 3,000 Watts (13A)*
  • Manual override – smart sockets can still be controlled manually

Appliances such as TVs, computers and hi-fi’s left on standby create more than four million tonnes of extra carbon emissions in the UK alone (DEFRA), using the equivalent of the annual output of 2½ 700 megawatt power stations. A survey by the Energy Saving Trust also found that the average household has up to 12 gadgets left on standby or charging at any one time, which the Trust estimates represents 10% of their entire electricity bill.

With standby mode for some appliances still using as much as 25% of the energy they do when they are switched on, switching off makes sense.

Which appliances are the worst standby offenders?

  • Dishwashers left on at the end of their cycle consume 70% of the power used when they are running
  • The average television is left on standby for up to 17.5 hours a day. Last year Britain’s 62 million television sets used about 8% of their energy consumption in standby mode
  • Washing machines use just under 20% of their normal electricity requirement on standby
  • Tumble-dryers can use 38% of power while waiting at the end of a cycle
  • If lights were turned off when not in use, it would prevent 375,000 tons of CO2 emissions and save £55million in bills
  • There is little difference between the power requirement of digital receivers when they are being used and on standby
  • Other appliances with high standby power are cordless telephones, radios and stereos.

* Maximum load refers to UK product. Specifications may vary for BBS products designed for other regions. Source: Energy Saving Trust

Bye Bye Standby is no longer available – see our full guide to the best smart plugs available or try these alternatives: