Smart Home Survey

Smart Home Survey

This survey is designed to collate information about UK home energy consumption and what measures people are taking to reduce their bills.

Answer the questions below to add your voice to the national Smart Home Survey. We will publish the results on the website once the data has been analysed, so check back soon.

    Are you concerned about the rise in energy prices?*

    What is your annual electricity consumption (kWh)?*
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    What is your annual gas consumption (kWh)?*
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    How large is your home (m2)?*

    Do you have a smart meter?*

    Do you have an energy monitor?*

    Do you have an electric vehicle?*

    Do you generate renewable energy at home?*

    Would you interested in earning money by reducing your electricity usage during times of peak demand?*

    Have you made any energy efficiency measures, if so what?*

    Have you got any smart home devices, if so what?*

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    Ofgem and the UK government like to quote figures about home energy consumption and smart homes, which often feel very different to the reality at home. This can be especially frustrating as energy bills spiral out of control and the big energy firms are making more profit than ever.

    This survey has been designed to collate independent data from UK homeowners to reveal energy consumption figures, energy efficiency trends and interest in the possible ESO scheme to reward homeowners for turning off appliances during times of peak demand.