Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB

What is Smart Energy GB?

Smart Energy GB run the consumer engagement campaign for the smart meter rollout in the UK. It is a not-for-profit business, which was founded in 2013 and is funded by the energy suppliers, that aims to help everyone in Britain understand the importance of smart meters and their benefits to people and the environment.

They are not an energy supplier and they don’t make or fit smart meters, they simply run the communications campaigns which help people understand smart meters.

To understand more about smart meters, the different versions and the nationwide rollout see our post, smart meters explained.

Who runs the company?

Smart Energy GB is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. The company is governed by a non-executive board, whose make-up is set out in law, led by an independent non-executive chair.

The Board comprises of:

  • a chair appointed by the relevant suppliers;
  • six directors representing the interests of energy suppliers;
  • four directors representing the interests of energy consumers; and
  • the Chief Executive Officer

Who is the managing director?

Dan Brooke is the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Energy GB and Mark Lund is the Chair of the Board.

Who funds Smart Energy GB?

Smart Energy GB is funded by compulsory contributions from the UK’s energy suppliers.

In 2020 the company had a turnover of more than £31 million, down from £39 million in 2019.

The funding and performance of the orgnistion has not been without controversy. The chief executive of Utilita hit out at the campaign saying that the millions spent over the last decade has “not been money well spent”. Bill Bullen said the sector could have achieved the same level of progress on the rollout without the campaign. 

A Government consultation on ‘Smart meter coordinated consumer engagement’ in June 2020 lowered the threshold at which energy suppliers are required to fund Smart Energy GB’s domestic capital costs from 250,000 to 150,000 gas or electricity (or both) domestic consumers.

Who pays for smart meters in the UK?

Smart meters are paid for through a levy on everyone’s energy bills, just as old-style meters were. You don’t have to pay to have a smart meter installed. Find out how to request a smart meter for your home or business.

What is Smart Energy GB’s contact number?

You can contact Smart Energy GB on: 020 3019 1000 but they also answer a lot of questions on their website in their FAQs.

Smart Energy GB statistics
Statistics from Smart Energy GB’s annual report

How do you feel about your smart meter, or the communications campaigns about smart meters? Please let us know and we will publish people’s views in further updates.