Green Energy Options launches new version of popular Solo II: the P1 in-home energy display

Green Energy Options launches new version of popular Solo II: the P1 in-home energy display

Green Energy Options (geo) is proud to announce the launch of the latest variant of its popular in-home energy display, the Solo II P1. The Solo II P1 is priced to be affordable, and designed to be engaging, making it an excellent value-for-money option for customers requiring a P1 interface for their in-home energy display, as well as mobile and online access.

geo’s ongoing investment in one of its leading, flagship products reflects increasing momentum in the roll-out of IHDs across the UK and Europe. Consumers and energy providers are keen to have live access to real-time information, to enable more energy efficient consumption behaviours, comfort, convenience and cost savings. The Solo II enables all this, by showing both real-time and historic electricity consumption. In addition, the Solo II measures predictive and historic performance against a budget set by the individual consumer, thus allowing them to tailor the display to provide timely and relevant information as required.

Chief Executive Officer Patrick Caiger-Smith observes, “The addition of the new interface is a significant development, because a number of smart meters have a P1 port. The Solo II P1 is a new product that builds on our extensive experience in consumer engagement with energy, as well as the successful deployment of the Solo II in the UK and Nordic countries. The product is ready-for-market and sample units are available now for trial by energy utility companies, meter manufacturers and distributors of in-home metering solutions.”

All of geo’s IHDs work on their own (in isolation) or can be supported by an in-depth mobile and online service. Consumers can therefore see, explore and analyse their energy use at home, at work or on the move.

Specifically, the Solo II P1 works with electricity as well as microgeneration (PV). Optional features include an internet bridge for online and mobile apps, a USB download, additional temperature sensors for other rooms and smart plugs for appliance and comfort control.

The Solo II’s high-contrast colour LCD display is easy to understand, with an ambient indicator of electricity load (green, amber and red). The display can be used freestanding or wall mounted.

Available to purchase now, the Solo II P1 can be fitted at the same time the smart meter is installed, or retrofitted by the consumer.