Top tips for Save Energy Week

Did you know that if every home in the UK switched one old lightbulb to a new LED one, it would be the equivalent of taking 73,000 cars off the road?

This year Earth Day, on the 22nd April, happens in the middle of Save Energy Week, a new initiative designed to encourage us all to help reduce climate change by making small energy saving measures in the home.

Here are a few facts from the research and top tips to help you save energy in your home:

If you turned your thermostat down by just 3° Celcius from 23° C to 20° C then you could save up to 13.75 kWh in a week, but if all the households in Leeds did the same thing, we would save 4.5 million kWh, the equivalent of powering over 400 houses for a whole year.

Check your loft insulation:
If everyone in the UK installed around 270mm of insulation into their loft, this could result in a countrywide saving of £210 million and avoiding one million tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year; the direct equivalent of taking 364,000 cars off the road.

Stop letting the water run while you brush your teeth
It is advised that you spend at least four minutes a day brushing your teeth, two minutes a session and thirty seconds per quadrant of your mouth. By leaving the tap running all that time you end up running around five gallons of fresh water a day down the drain. This means that if you stop the tap while brushing, you can save around 1825 gallons a year or 36 and a half baths.
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