solar energy monitoring

So, you've had your solar PV system installed and now you're probably very interested in how much energy it's generating, and how much money you are making!

But which solar monitoring solution should you chose?

There are lots of products out there on the market and the chances are your installer may have even provided a free display with your PV system.

But what you really need is one which monitors both your electricity consumption AND your electricity production, so you can maximise your savings.

At Smart Home Energy we have tested quite a few of the different options, some for many years, and our favourite is the Wattson Solar Plus.

Obviously you could just read your Total Generation Meter, but this is normally installed by the inverter or fuse board, which is often not easy to access and it still wont tell you everything you want to know.

A good solar energy monitor will tell you how much electricity you are using, how much you are consuming, point out when there is a surplus AND provide you with complete control over your data.

The Wattson (we love the name) comes with some clever software called Holmes, which runs on mac or PC and lets you view and manipulate your data in all sorts of clever ways. You can see how much you have generated each day of the month, how much carbon dioxide you have avoided pumping into the atmosphere and, most importantly, how much money you have saved and made.

You can easily update the FIT rates and the price you pay for electricity to keep the readings accurate.

But most of all the Wattson is a beautiful product which has been designed with the user in mind. It does not need batteries (although it does need plugging in occasionally) and communicates wirelessly with the sensor clips which you attach near your inverter and electricity meter.

The actual unit itself contains a sophisticated tilt switch which changes the display mode between clock, watts and financial information.

The bottom of the display contains some LEDs which create an intelligent glow depending which state your house is in: They glow blue if you're consuming below your average, magenta for your average, red if you are consuming more than your average and green if you are generating more than you are consuming - so you know it's time to boil the kettle!

The Wattson’s unique Intelligent Colour System, makies your electricity usage understandable by everyone including kids, even at a glance. Wattson owners report average savings of 19.5% off electricity bills – £286 per year on average (from a study of 500 owners).

Visit our product page on the Wattson Solar Plus.