Radiator Squirrel

Radiator Squirrel

Radiator Squirrel is an easy-to-fit radiator attachment that boosts the performance of central heating systems.

Beautifully simple, with no moving parts, Radiator Squirrel is an energy saving radiator attachment that fits to conventional steel panel radiators in just a few seconds.

Designed to be fitted to all the main radiators in a home Radiator Squirrel can reduce a typical household heating bill by more than 11.5%, giving a paypack of less than two years!

If you have oil fired heating the savings will be greater because oil is a more expensive fuel.

We've tested the Radiator Squirrel and currently rate it as one of Smart Home Energy's "best buys" for saving money and reducing carbon emissions in your home.

Because radiators give off more heat with the Radiator Squirrel installed rooms also heat up faster so this clever product can also be used to raise the maximum temperature rooms can reach. In independent tests, Radiator Squirrel didn’t just consistently warm rooms up faster; it actually raised comfort levels whilst reducing fuel use!

If you've got a thermostat in the same room as the Radiator Squirrel the thermostat will sense that the room is up to heat and turn the boiler off sooner than it would have done without the Radiator Squirrel fitted. This in turn reduces fuel consumption, your heating bill and the carbon footprint of your home.

Any home with conventional radiators, whether they are heated by gas, oil or any other fuel, can benefit from Radiator Squirrel.

It is easy to fit to to any conventional heating system, and Radiator Squirrel will deliver savings as soon as the heating is turned on. There’s no need for wiring or plumbing, just fit and forget and save money!

Don't just take our word for it! The video below demonstrates how the Radiator Squirrel boosts the heat coming from your radiators using thermometers placed above a normal radiator and above a Radiator Squirrel. The footage has been sped up but it's clear to see that this simple little device draws more heat out of the radiator and into the room. Also, check out how Raditor Squirrel compares to radiator fans.

Download the Radiator Squirrel brochure for more information, read some of our customer testimonials and place your order below. As ever, if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.


"We fitted them in the bedrooms over a year ago because we could never get the rooms warm. Now they are the warmest rooms in the house. So cosy!"

Claire E, Biggin Hill

"We used to struggle to get the house warm but since fitting the Squirrels it has got so toasty even on frosty mornings that we've actually turned the heating down"

Carole, London

"Excellent product - great idea and so simple to fit, yet it works! How come nobody thought of this before?"

Jonathan G, Oxted

"The room gets heated faster with the Radiator Squirrel and surprisingly with a smaller energy input"

M Yebiyo, Researcher at London South Bank University.

"The Radiator Squirrel resulted in a faster time to heat a room and energy consumption was lower"

Dr Issa Chaer, Chartered Engineer & PhD in Heat Transfer.

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