Millions miss out on free home improvements, British Gas survey reveals


Millions risk not claiming free money-saving home improvements because they don’t realise their property is eligible for help.

Research by British Gas reveals that only one in five people believe their home qualifies for free insulation, despite it being available to nine out of 10 homes that need it.

With energy companies and the Government rolling out loft and cavity insulation to homes across the UK, the misconception means millions could miss out on average annual savings on their energy bills of up to £150 from free loft insulation and up to £145 with cavity wall insulation.

The research discovered that more than half of people wrongly assume that free insulation is only available to low income households or those on benefits.

Renters may also miss out on getting the improvements their home is entitled to, as more than half of people surveyed (51%) didn’t know rented properties are also eligible.

Claire Miles, of British Gas New Energy, said: “It’s easy to see why people may not realise their home is eligible, as previous schemes mainly helped low income and vulnerable households in order to provide support to those who need it most.”

Under the new scheme nine out of 10 homes that need insulation get it free.

Ms Miles added that it is quick and easy to find out if your home needs free insulation.

“Our research has shown us that people think installing insulation is a time consuming, difficult process, but it actually takes less than a day, and there are no hidden costs or commitments,” she said.

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