Installing the Wattson Solar

Your Wattson Solar includes everything you need to get started in a typical install, but there are some cases where an Electrician and/or an extra part will be required to fit it correctly.

If the single core wires (known as ‘tails’) coming from both your generation and usage meters are accessible at a point within 3m of each other then it is straight forward to install the Wattson’s Sensor Clips as they will just clip around the wires with no need to interrupt the supply. This point would typically be where all the tails enter the Main Consumer Unit (Fusebox). If the single core wires are available slightly further than 3m apart then 3m extension cables are available separately to enable the Sensor Clips to reach the required wires.

The Sensor Clips cannot tell the direction of current inside a wire, only the size of current, so if they are on a wire that can carry either usage or generation then when you are a Net Generator it will be incorrectly displayed as usage. To ensure the Sensor Clip measuring usage is connected to a wire that can only carry electricity in use, it is necessary to either install a Junction Box or Henley Block which will require an electrician, or an Easifit Kit can be used which does this using logic without the need for a Junction Box or Henley Block.

It is quite common for all the wires from the generation meter to be ‘twin and earth’ all the way into the Consumer Unit so the required single core wires cannot be accessed separately. If the tails are difficult to access or are shielded then we recommend you use a qualified electrician to install your Wattson Solar. They should be able to access the necessary single core wires and attach the Easifit Kit inside your Main Consumer Unit. Your PV installer may be the best contact to speak to about installation.

If you only wish to monitor generation and not usage then the only issue is finding a place to connect the Sensor Clip for generation to a single core wire and none of the Easifit Kit, Junction Box or Henley Block options are required.