Ego Efergy - Smart socket

Ego Efergy

There's load of different ways to make your home smarter and one quick win, which does not require any hard wiring at all is the use of a smart socket.

The Ego Efergy is a great example, which is so simple to set up it's practically fool-proof. When our socket arrived here at the Smart Home Energy office we immediately got it out of the box and started looking for the instructions. Our first reaction was that they must be missing but then we noticed the side of the box had 3 super-simple steps to follow:

1. Scan the QR code - well that was super-easy and installed the required app on our smart phone
2. Plug the smart socket into the wall and pair it with a smart phone - no bother there either, the app found our router straight away and all we had to do was enter our wifi password - easy!
3. Plug something into the socket - OK!

The first device we plugged in was a lamp, just for quick testing purposes. Within seconds we had it working and were turning the lamp on and off from the opposite side of the room. Next we dived in to the app's settings which actually provided more options than we were expecting.

You can name your socket and change its icon, so that it's obvious which device you're switching on or off if you have more than one smart socket. You can even do clever stuff like telling the app how much your electricity costs and what the carbon ratio of your electricity is, so the Efergy can calculate the carbon emissions created by the use of the socket - pretty neat!

You can export the data about how long devices have been on etc (although this only seems to send the data to to other smartphones, which seems a little limiting since most Smart Home geeks want to get the data onto their computers!). The app also lets you select which language you would like it to work in and directs you to the Ego website and energy zendesk to report any issues.

Overall this device did exactly what it said on the tin and was super easy to set up and use. Now we're trying to work out the best use of such smart technology… Whilst it is obviously pretty cool to be able to turn electrical devices in your home on and off from your smart phone, wherever you are we just can't put our finger on the killer use of this tech.

Booting up the washing machine, or an electric heater could be useful, but then you could probably do that with a simple time plug! One of our team suggested he would use it to boot up the kettle from bed in the morning, to save hanging around in the kitchen in his dressing gown whilst it boils! Admittedly that does sound a little decedent but if you can, why not!

You can buy the Ego Efergy online for £39.95