Home fuel cells to be sold in the UK from 2014


IE-CHP based in Scotland will start sales of household and commercial use fuel cells in the UK and Ireland from 2014. The company is a joint venture between the fuel cell developer Intelligent Energy, the UK energy major SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) and a Scottish government organization. It will progressively introduce a 1 kW unit for home use and a 10 kW unit for commercial use.

IE-CHP's Chief Operating Officer (COO) Julian Hughes stated, "Home use fuel cells currently have a very low profile. If the growing need to reduce rising energy costs is combined with government support policies, penetration will be adequately driven." Sales will begin in the UK and Ireland and it is anticipated that business will be developed on European mainland as well.

The cells that are the core component of the commercial use 10 kW units will be supplied by its parent company Intelligent Energy. The supplier for the cells for the home use 1 kW unit will be a company other Intelligent Energy, but the name of the company has not been announced yet.