Honda Smart Home System


Honda has unveiled a demonstration house in Saitama, Japan, to showcase and test its new Honda Smart Home System (HSHS). Featuring a line-up of innovative energy production, management and conservation solutions, the company hopes HSHS will free homeowners from the constraints of on-grid living somewhat, give them a leg up on self-sufficiency when disaster strikes and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions both at home and on the road by networking electric vehicles into the mix.

Solar photovoltaics ROI now up to 12.5%


People seem to have been put off solar PV by all the media hype about the reductions to the feed-in tariffs, but the irony is that, despite the fiasco, returns are now just as good (if not better!) than they were at this time last year.

The four major solar trade associations have today come together for the first time to try and counteract the negative press and explain the current opportunities, which are significant. Where else can you get 12% return on your money, TAX free with the added benefit of saving CO2?

UK faces connected-home challenge to overcome confusion


The UK is at risk of missing out on a "connected-homes" economic boost, according to a report.

The study refers to new internet services including media, smarter energy meters, and access to education and health advice.

The British tech trade association Intellect claims the market could be worth £3bn a year within five years.

However, it says a range of problems must be addressed first, including a "bewildering" range of technologies.

Home fuel cells to be sold in the UK from 2014


IE-CHP based in Scotland will start sales of household and commercial use fuel cells in the UK and Ireland from 2014. The company is a joint venture between the fuel cell developer Intelligent Energy, the UK energy major SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) and a Scottish government organization. It will progressively introduce a 1 kW unit for home use and a 10 kW unit for commercial use.

Building on the 'Green Deal'


The government's plan to retrofit 26m homes with energy-saving measures by 2030 could create 250,000 construction jobs – but does the sector have the skills to deliver? Debbie Andalo reports from a recent seminar Guardian Professional,Friday 18 November 2011 11.48 GMT

Saving money through energy efficiency


By Richard Anderson and Damian Kahya Business reporters, BBC News

With the UK's major energy suppliers bumping up their prices by up to 18% this winter, the belated arrival of the cold winds represents a great opportunity to look at ways of cutting your fuel bills.