Den Is A New UK Home Automation Platform, Raising Crowd Financing


It’s strange, because until now most home automation system which involve accessing the power outlets seems to have been designed for nerds to show off their ‘touch sensitive’ switches. But it’s taken a 19-year-old from Kent, England to produce a power socket aimed at the mainstream UK market which carries a real switch, that looks just like any other, but which incorporates home automation technology.

Smart meters can be hacked to cut power bills

Smart Meter

Smart meters widely used in Spain can be hacked to under-report energy use, security researchers have found, says the BBC.

Poorly protected credentials inside the devices could let attackers take control over the gadgets, warn the researchers.

The utility that deployed the meters is now improving the devices' security to help protect its network.

The discovery comes as one security expert warns some terror groups may attack critical infrastructure systems.

Could a boiler that generates electricity be the answer to cutting energy bills? British firm to launch game-changing appliance


Could a boiler that generates its own electricity be the answer to cutting household energy bills?

A British company is set to launch the new appliances later this year and claims they will generate around 40 per cent of a household’s energy needs.

Flow Energy, which has been developing the technology for ten years, will hand the boilers over to customers with no upfront cost because it says the savings made will easily cover the cost of the boiler.

Just 20,000 will be available in the first year – but Flow says it has plans to expand very quickly.

How does it work?


Big Energy Vision: Nationwide campaign launched to encourage greener thinking

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.16.16.png

Kingfisher, Global Action Plan and the National Trust are among a host of big businesses and charities that have united to launch a major campaign which encourages UK households to control rising energy bills and reduce emissions.

'The Big Energy Vision' has been set up to coincide with Big Energy Week - running all of this week - following new research from YouGov, which revealed that energy bills are the top financial concern for households but two-thirds of people say there's nothing they can do about them.

Millions miss out on free home improvements, British Gas survey reveals


Millions risk not claiming free money-saving home improvements because they don’t realise their property is eligible for help.

Research by British Gas reveals that only one in five people believe their home qualifies for free insulation, despite it being available to nine out of 10 homes that need it.

With energy companies and the Government rolling out loft and cavity insulation to homes across the UK, the misconception means millions could miss out on average annual savings on their energy bills of up to £150 from free loft insulation and up to £145 with cavity wall insulation.

The energy network: how it works for you

This new video from Ofgem explains how the UK energy network works, at the same time as attempting to justify the part of your energy bills which is siphoned off to pay the network.


Freetricity and Zouk to install 10,000 free PV systems

The new installs will be in South Wales and southern England.

Freetricity will install another 10,000 residential PV systems in England and Wales following a deal with clean energy investor and fund manager Zouk Capital, says Solar Power Portal.

The second agreement between the pair builds on a 3000 system contract that made up part of the portfolio sold to Aviva Investors.

The systems are installed without cost to the homeowner who receives reduced electricity bills in return.

Council tax cut for energy efficient homes


Households could save at least £100 a year by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, under Lib Dem manifesto plans announced today.

The Liberal Democrats would reward people who improve the energy efficiency of their homes by giving them a council tax discount and slashing their energy bills – a double bill cut.

Household energy use has fallen by an average of 2.5% per annum over recent years, but we need to go further and faster.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey said:

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party offering a long-term double bill cut - lower energy bills, lower council tax bills.