Wattson Holmes software

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Are you lookiong for software for a Wattson energy monitor? Here we list all the software we have, for both mac and PC.

Ever Since Energeno and DIY Koyoto went bust and took down their websites our customers have been asking where they can find the Wattson Holmes Software, which enables user of the Wattson Energy monitor and Wattson Solar to download data to your PC or Mac and analyse your energy usage and production over time.

Top five ways to control your smart home

harmony elite

If you’re reading this then there’s a fair chance you have invested in, or are thinking about investing in, smart home devices.

You will already be aware that there are a multitude of different smart products on the market, and in the past the majority of them have not been compatible with one another.


Smart energy systems: Nest vs Hive vs Evohome vs Heat Genius vs OWL vs Tado vs Salus iT500 vs Cosy vs Climote


It’s about time that we took control of our heating bills because heating accounts for 60 per cent of household energy expenditure and 40% of British homes don’t even have a thermostat!

Which of the eight systems currently on the market do we like the most?

The Nest learning thermostat


Former Apple iPod and iPhone hardware development chief Tony Fadell wants to turn your home's thermostat into the next "must-have" gadget by imbuing it with an Apple-like design sensibility.


Chinese investment in UK energy is all well and good, but the Government is driving UK solar power to the wall


Steve Howell says the UK solar power energy sector faces meltdown with proposals to significantly cut the feed-in-tarriff.

When Manchester rolled out Denis Law and Mike Summerbee to meet China’s president on Friday, the symbolism seemed apt.

Much as I admired them both as players, the offering of two ageing former footballers felt like a metaphor for past glories long since lost in the glare of new money.