AlertMe team up with British Gas


AlertMe, the Smart Home technology company, announced on the 22 May 2012 that it has secured the contract to provide a Personalised Energy Efficiency Advice Service to British Gas customers in the UK who have new smart meters. The free service is being trialled with up to 10,000 homes during the summer and rolled out widely from the autumn.

British Gas, which is the UK's largest supplier of domestic energy serving 10 million homes and 15.9 million energy accounts, selected the AlertMe solution as a result of a competitive tender process. The partnership will mean that data from smart meters will be translated into valuable, personalised insights for British Gas customers that could help them to save money on energy bills every year.

Smart meters will be rolled out to all homes in the UK over the next seven years and are designed to provide the utility with up to date home energy consumption and billing information remotely without having to read the meter. For the first time this information will also be used to provide the customer with an easy-to-understand breakdown of their energy use, information on how they compare to other similar households and highly relevant, personalised, actionable recommendations on how to save energy and reduce their bills - information that British Gas says, will prove invaluable with household budgets under pressure.

AlertMe CEO Mary Turner says: "This is a great opportunity to ensure that customers benefit from smart meters above and beyond just getting an accurate bill. We can take the smart meter information, put it in context and make the most relevant recommendations to help customers make simple decisions that can save them a lot of money."

This deal marks AlertMe's first large-scale roll out of 'Big Data' services based on smart meter data to provide energy customers with unprecedented, relevant, personalised and actionable information. It also builds on the companies' ongoing partnership to deliver Energy Saving and Smart Home services to British Gas customers in the UK. British Gas already provides customers with an AlertMe in-home energy display as part of its Energy Smart Tariff and will also be rolling out other services with AlertMe during 2012.

“There’s been so much talk about smart meters not really being smart, and for the convenience of the utility because they don’t have to pay to send a meter reader around,” said Turner. “But we turn that data into information and insight that’s much more relevant to the consumer.”